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Goals: It is important to have written goals. The statistics show goals which are written down are more likely to be completed than goals which are kept in our head. The more detail and clarity you can bring to your goals, the easier it is to track them. Many times I hear the comment, “I know what I want to do but I’m not 100% on what it is exactly, just generally I know my goals”. Most times, writing down your goal(s) brings the necessary clarity to that goal. What is the best way to “write” a goal? Glad you asked!

If you can write your goal in the SMART format, you will be on your way to not only achieving that goal but busting through that goal and crushing it.
S= Specific
M= Measurable

Why does using the SMART goal setting system work? It forces you to think about exactly what you are wanting to accomplish. The clarity needed to be Specific, the ability to Measure or track your progress (or lack thereof). Is the goal someting you can do with a little stretching of yourself or your Actions making the goal Attainable? If the goal is too large, you might not even attenpt the goal and just let your self-doubt take over. This falls within the goal being Realistic. Maybe you want to make a million dollars by starting a new busness and you have not even picked a business name or have a website, is that Realistic? Maybe! A more realtistic goal might be to get all the computer and paperwork competed and open a business account (you need a place for those millions to go). Your next goal might be how to begin marketing your product or idea.
The last process of the SMART goal is to make it Time-based.You need to put a completion date or a goal end date on your goal(s). This creates the ability to see if you are on track and reaching your goals. Did you complte the paperwork necessary to move forward, did you secure your loans by the date you said you would? I like to use the time-based portion of the SMART goals for my own accountability. Did I do what I said I wanted to do and by when?
Always remember, if you are not achieving your goals, it is time to ask yourself, Why? The ability to be completely honest with yourself will be a major determining factor in your ability to reach your SMART goals.