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Whether you decide to invest in one or all of the success classes, a webinar, a book, or to become a success team member, you will be on your way to powerful results in your life and business.

Coaching Lessons

These online classes consist of written material, a worksheet or worksheets, a video for more in-depth discussion on the subject and an e-mail coaching session of up to 5 clarifying questions. It is best to start with the written material, watch the video, then complete the worksheet and finally the email session.

  • Coaching Lesson #1


    Your thoughts control your life! You will learn how thoughts control everything we do. They control how we live our life. How we respond to the daily people, events and circumstances which we call forth in our existence. Are you ready for a change in your life for the better?

  • Coaching Lesson #2


    It All Starts with Clarity! Achieving clarity is a journey which changes over time. Don’t be the person who changes because of others’ thoughts, words or actions. You will learn to get clear about what you want so you don’t send mixed signals to the universe.

  • Coaching Lesson #3


    Put your Goals in Writing! You will learn to know where you are and where you want to go. You might be thinking that you can keep it in your head but all studies show that when you commit your goals and desires to paper, they are more likely to be reached.

  • Coaching Lesson #4


    Commit to Life Long Learning! If you want to become the best of the best and live your best life ever, you will need to learn and use life lessons and universal techniques. You will learn different methods/strategies to support your Life Long Learning Commitment.

  • Coaching Lesson #5


    SEE Obstacles as Opportunities to Success. Before you stop at the first obstacle, think about everyone who has ever achieved success and all the obstacles they overcame to achieve what they were working for or on. Learn to SEE Every Obstacle as an Opportunity to Success.

  • Coaching Lesson #6


    Control Your Destiny with Desire, Determination and Discipline. Never let someone tell you that you are not capable or able to be successful because of a formal grading system. Who cares about the Grade! Learn about the 4 D’s of Success Today!

  • Coaching Lesson #7


    Learn to say No to anything that does not fit into your decision to reach a certain goal or dream … Ready to learn how to say NO! Ready to put yourself first and eliminate distractions while reaching your goals? It’s time to begin. Don’t let yourself down.

  • Coaching Lesson #8


    Stop The Excuses! The excuses are common and unless you are able to set them aside, they will control your life. Learn how to set those excuses aside and begin living the life you have always dreamed about.

  • Coaching Lesson #9


    STOP Playing The Blame Game! Learn a new game called I AM RESPONSIBLE! Want to win in life, play this game and see what happens. I know it will change your life and allow you to reach your goals and desires. It worked miracles for me. Ready to play?

  • Coaching Lesson #10


    Define Success in Your Words, Not Someone Else’s! What is success anyway? I like to define it as being happy with your life and yourself. Learn to master the principles of success.

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    Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business and Life


    If you are serious about changing your life, this is the package for you. All ten online classes are included. When you implement the ten classes presented here you will find the answers and success you are seeking. Implementing all ten classes and completing the worksheets will lead you to exceed your wildest dreams and goals. Invest in yourself NOW and start TODAY. Your dreams and goals are waiting for you.

Do you think you know the secrets like you thought you knew the penny?

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So you’ve completed the Wheel of Life Assessment. Now what?

The road to success is defined by taking action steps. Your future is depending on you to take that first step and begin living the life of your dreams. Let me help you! I promise you will learn from my efforts and mistakes. You will transform your life sooner and quicker. Who is counting on you to start living the life you have always dreamed of: your wife, your husband, your partner, your children, your parents, your employer, yourself, the world?

After taking the Wheel of Life Assessment you can purchase online classes for only $47.00, which include written and video instructions along with worksheets to increase your scores. The courses are simple to follow and easy to understand. I will guide you with instruction and worksheets. I will motivate and inspire you as you head toward your goals and future success. Little by little, day by day, you will understand how to build your road map and reach your destination.

I will evaluate your wheel of life for you at NO charge and make suggestions on which class or classes would be the best for you to start with. After I review your wheel, I will help you set the best plan for making your wheel roll.

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“I want to tell you how much I appreciate you. You have helped me in so many ways I can't even tell you. I started this year pursuing a couple of motivational programs. Since you've taken on the difficult role of being my coach, you have opened me up to possibilities I would never have imagined. You've helped me to believe in me. You've helped me to believe I CAN! You've helped me to look inside myself and like what I see. Thank you.”

- Judy K.


“I have been through many ups and downs in my life. During the time I was with Dr. Roche she made us do these silly dream boards. I thought to myself this will never happen, but I did it anyway. Throughout the loss of my father and husband Dr. Roche has always been a motivator for me. She got me out of a dark place that I hid well. She always pushed and encouraged me to keep moving forward. To put my foot in front of the other and because of her I am in a better place. I own a home, going to college and moving my way up in my career all while raising two children. I am where I am today because of her. The books she has recommended to me, the many talks, and that silly dream board that I did years ago I am knocking out of the park.”

- Amy P.


“Dr. Roche's coaching has challenged me and inspired me to take control of my business and my life. Not only do I feel like I am now in control of my own destiny, I feel like I have the power and knowledge to handle anything thrown my way! I would NOT be where I am today without her guidance and coaching!”

- Dr. Jeremy Hunter